War for the planet of apes is the third sequel to the ‘planet of apes’ series. It features Caesar (by Andy Serkis), a product of a failed experiment which imparted intelligence to members of the ape family, which leads his kind against human invasion and their extermination. With the help of a few betrayal here and there, the home of the apes fell to the brutal Colonel (by Woody Harrelson) who was bent on getting rid of the apes. With his followers left homeless and him bereaved of his wife and son, Caesar’s heart is left in the dilemma of revenge and leadership.


One of the scenes that really got me was the part where the colonel asked that Caesar is brought to have a chat with him. While the colonel was having a conversation with him, Caesar got filled with rage and despite being chained and held by two soldiers, he managed to hit the colonel so hard that he fell. After standing back up, the colonel screamed ‘that’s my problem with you. so emotional! you are too emotional’. He would rather describe himself as a man who does what he has to do. He obviously believes that emotions get in the way of people doing the logical/right thing. And he proved it when he killed all the soldiers who refused to kill their infected friends and family members. How right is he?


Well, our emotional faculty as humans is one of the strongest and strangest we’ve got. A lot of decisions we make are based on our feelings. We basically do things we feel we should do, most of the time. And you will agree with me that a lot of times we find our feelings going contrary to logic or reasoning. and at those moments we have a huge decision to make – mostly decisions that could make or mar us. And because of the consequence of following our emotions, we opt for what is reasonable or sensible so as to keep ourselves away from trouble. To do this requires a lot of willpower, which is why very few people do it at the most important junctures. Even ‘successful’ people fall victim, Alas! they are human too.


Do we necessarily have to always fight against our emotions or following our feelings? Should our feelings always be in conflict and lose to our reasoning? Inasmuch as we might find our emotions against reasoning, it is one the things that distinguish us as human. Our feelings lie in our core as beings. How possibly can we survive ignoring it? Truth be told emotions can give that great push that is required to overcome obstacles standing between where we are and where we want to be. Emotions can stimulate us to make efforts that would make life better for others. Emotions help us stay away from injurious situations. So, it’s not all negative.


As you wake up every day to pursue your dreams, you must take your passion along with you. Never let anyone or situation talk you out of your pursuit. One feeling you must never give in to is the feeling to quit. I might not be able to tell you exactly what to do to be ‘successful’, but I can tell you one way that guarantees you not to be successful and that’s quitting. You can feel tired, it is allowed, take some rest. You can even feel frustrated, you need some motivation. But never entertain the thought of quitting. We live in a world that wants to get everything so quick, but then, there are some things, some processes that cannot be fastened. You just have to keep up with your own performances while waiting for your big day to arrive. What you do, however you feel, NEVER QUIT!