A psychological thriller that unravels the story of a 42 years old woman, Christian Lucas (Nicole Kidman), suffering from anterograde amnesia. Every day, she wakes up with no clue as to who she is or what her life is all about. Due to a traumatic accident that left her brain damaged, she had been unable to form new memories. Through the help of Dr Nash, Christian Lucas began to regain her memory. At the end of every day’s event, she keeps a video diary to remind herself of the previous events that have occurred. In the long run, she found out that the man she lives with is not her real husband but the man that assaulted her and led her to her current predicament. Although she didn’t like some of the truth she uncovered, it was a good road to discovery. The fact that she had cheated on her husband with another man who didn’t want to let her go made her lose everything. Not just her psychological stability but she also lost full control of her life.


Christian Lucas had an affair with a psycho who ruined her marriage and her mental state. Having an affair or cheating on a partner in a relationship is totally unfair. This generally refers to sharing emotional or physical relations restricted to you and your partner with others. It comes in various forms: physical cheating – a sexual relationship with a third party, emotional cheating – sharing deep affection with someone else other than your partner. Nowadays, due to the advent of technology, we also have online cheating whereby people engage in series of dating and online relationship through the social media and they engage in all sort of activities like sexting, sending nudes and so on. Cheating or infidelity, as some call it, in whichever form it comes is always heartbreaking and devastating, because it signifies a high level of relational betrayal. Not only is our integrity and dignity thrown down the trash but also often leaves us wondering whether it was worth it and leads to the breakdown of relationships. In the end, it opens a can of worm that we would rather leave closed. So, why do we cheat?


While it seems as though men and women cheat for different reasons and at a different frequency, I would want to believe it’s the same for both gender. Although, societal beliefs and settings have played an important role in skewing the argument to one side – attaching little or no importance to men cheating. Maybe things would be a little different if the prejudice is non-existent. But then, according to Esther Perel, people cheat because they are seeking to leave the person they have become. Maybe they have found themselves in a relationship that has become boring –  they have become boring, or they feel they become irrelevant to their partner, and they want to run away from that. So, whatever the reason tendered, it has to do with the offender trying to become or experience something different from what they have at the moment. Moreso, there are also people(both sexes) who are chronic cheats. A lot of times, it’s not so much about the partner or what he/she have done as it is about the person cheating.


You think your relationship is immune to this? Think again! If you want to avoid infidelity in your relationship, then you will need to put some work and energy into it. Seek ways of injecting life into your relationship. Invest time, attention, creativity, intentionality and understanding – things that usually depletes as we get comfortable and secure in our romantic relationships. It is also important that the individuals in the relationship decide to be loyal and committed to each other and the relationship. Just because you face temptations doesn’t mean you have to give in. You have to deliberately avoid compromising situations. Have you involved in infidelity already? Admit the hurt you are causing your partner and discuss ways that can help you bring in more energy and life to your relationship. It is never too late to start doing the right thing.