Happy Feet is a musical computer-animated video that features the life of an emperor penguin in Antarctica.  Starring Elijah Woods (Mumble), Brittany Murphy (Gloria)  Robin Williams (Lovelace) and others. Born to a descent where music is the mode of communication, expression of love and the only means of getting a mate, Mumble was born tone-deaf with tap-dancing feet. This was weird and totally abnormal in the realm of penguins. His failure to sing was attributed to the mishap that happened to him while he was still an egg. He fell off his father’s feet and he also hatched late. He broke the norm by being different from every penguin in his little world. The old folks saw him as someone who would never amount to something and his peers never cease to mock him. He eventually proved them all wrong when he found a long lasting solution to the scarcity of fish in the region. He did not only save himself and his loved ones but he saved every animal whose life was dependent on consuming fish in the region.

       Mumble was worried and said he badly wanted to be like every other penguin his age. He wanted to sing but he couldn’t. He had this terrible voice that could crack any rock. It was strange to him and everyone because his parents could sing perfectly well. He was taken to an expert Mrs Astrakhan but she couldn’t fix the situation because she wasn’t meant to. We are created different and nothing is going to change that. Every time mumble felt left out and odd until he realised that there is a potential embedded in him. You can’t be like someone else you can only be yourself. The earlier you realise who you are the easier things will turn out for you. You can’t be like your Dad, Mom, siblings and friends if you’re not meant to be. So wise up and accept who you are.

 Mumble realised that he had to find a solution to the scarcity of fish in this region. He embarked on a mission to confront the aliens ( humans) and explain the consequence that the distortion of their food chain could lead to. He was captured and kept in a sort of enclosure. He tried to communicate why he was there to people who came on tour to see him and other animals but he couldn’t. Humans do not understand animal language. After months of trying to communicate in his own language, tap dancing earned him the desired attention. All I see here is a guy who is bold confident and daring. This is an attribute we all need to imbibe in our daily lives. To get business deals and sell that brand requires taking risks and showing the world that you are really confident of what you are doing. Every business or decision is a risk and your ability to stand by it is a message to aspiring investors that they can trust your judgement. When you radiate an aura of confidence it attracts people to you. They get inquisitive and they want to see what you can do. So what am saying is there is a need for you to boost your self-confidence so that people can believe in you and what you do.


Never believe what people say or do to bring you down. An elder said he will never amount to anything. Some said he won’t get a mate. He was extradited from his own community for causing distraction and a deviation from the norm. The elders believed that the scarcity of fish was a result of Mumble’s deviance to their god the great Guin. He never believed in the superstition talk. He didn’t believe in the popular belief that he is strange. He wasn’t tied down by what others felt he should be. In the end, everyone had to learn how to tap dance for survival and he also married the love of his life Gloria. People will say horrible things about you just to dissuade you but you have to believe in yourself first. The only thing the world recognises is a success and while you’re on your way up, loads of trash will be targeted at you. My advice is to look away from all the negativity. Sometimes soon things will add up.