Gifted starring Chris Evans, Mckenna Grace and Octavia Spencer as main actors is the story of how Frank Adler (Chris Evans) made decisions around his child-prodigy niece in a coastal part of Florida. Based on the events that surrounded the life and death of Diane, Mary Adler’s mother, Frank decided to retire into the quiet life on the coast to give his niece a ‘normal’ life and ensure that she doesn’t get noised around. In a bid to give her a normal life, his custody of Mary gets threatened and he has to ensure that she doesn’t get away from him. At the end, everyone seemed to get a satisfactory result.

With facts flying around in the movie, the use of computer and internet to get information, one might be forced to wonder if the movie is based on a true-life story. Well, it isn’t. The happenings in the movie and the characters are purely a work of fiction with all appropriate disclaimer attached. There was never a female mathematical genius called Diane Adler. And she never got close to solving the Navier-stokes problem.

Moreover, the existence of a set of problems called ‘millennium prize problems’ is true. These are a set of seven mathematical problems that have survived centuries without a solution or mathematical proof. They were stated in the year 2000 by the Clay Mathematics institute and are just one of many of such sets of significant mathematical problems that have resisted solutions for such a long period. These questions keep confounding mathematician, that a prize of US $1 million has been promised to be awarded to anyone who is able to proffer solutions to any of the problems. So, if you think you are a mathematical genius, you can check them out, peradventure you get to win yourself a million bucks.

It is also true that one of the millennium prize problems have been solved by Grigori Perelman, as stated in the movie, in 2003. However, in a manner that has been found to be characteristic of him, he refused to be publicly awarded and declined the prize money for the remarkable feat (you know how academics are often associated with amazing philosophies and perspectives). So, right now, we have six left to be duly sorted. I hope you are motivated to take at least one of them up. Nevertheless, don’t forget that nothing huge like that comes easy.