Fist fight is a comedy movie where Ice Cube and Charlie Day who are the main actors take up the role of high school teachers. Strikland (Ice Cube) was a teacher famed for his violent and dangerous past. While Andy Cambell(Charlie Day) is this fearful and timid ‘nice guy’ that get passed over and pushed around without any repercussion. The duo finds themselves in a failing school system whose Board doesn’t give a damn about appropriate funding of the school and is even on a lay-off escapade on its teaching staff. It’s the last day of the session and it’s the senior year pranks day. The members of staff could only struggle to keep things together while making sure that they don’t fall victims to their pranks. In the midst of these, Strikland decides to challenge Campell to a fight at the school parking lot after school hours. The chain of events that follows shows how the whole thing played out and worked in ‘a lot’ of people’s favour. The casting for the movie, I would say, is just perfect.

Campbell was such a passive and cowardly individual who would go to any length to avoid confrontations or challenge; not only from his colleagues but also from his students. In an attempt to save himself from the imminent sack from the prior event that took place, he betrayed Strikland. Strikland was so angry with him that he challenged him to a fight. And that sent Campbell all frenzy. He did his best to avoid the fight even as everyone was reiterating to him how bad it would be for him. He called 911, traded drugs, bought two MacBook air within 5 minutes and even landed in the police cell. All to no avail. The fight still held. I guess all his worrying and pranks couldn’t save him from the impending doom.

There’s a difference between being an easy-going individual and being a hopeless coward. Strikland had noticed how Campbell reacted to issues and capitalized on it. Campbell would react just to be out of trouble. You know what I realized, people who behave or think like that often find themselves in trouble. I mean, we all find ourselves in some trouble once in a while. But the problem with having this kind of disposition or personality is that instead of facing the challenge when it comes, one will be trying frantically to escape it. Instead of standing up to bullies or sticking it all out for what you believe or acting loyal to a code or agreement or even simply speaking out for one’s self, you’d allow yourself to be ride upon so as to ‘remain safe’ or ‘let peace reign’. You appear as someone who cannot be trusted to have one’s back when the going gets tough. And the fact that you are very predictable when faced with threats and confrontations, you’d be vulnerable to manipulations. And because you will get desperate to get out of the threatening situation, you’d spend a lot doing all sorts of things.

At some point, Strikland had to tell Campbell that he doesn’t know why he did most of the things he does. Well, fear enslaves and drives one crazy. And you will be so blinded by all your tactics that you’d get a lot of things confused and put yourself in more problems. And then the problems get complicated. You’d be exerting a lot of energy and pressure on yourself, more than you would ever need to summon the mountain you are trying to evade. I couldn’t but pity Campbell at some point. After he made a move that seemed to have gone well as planned just to make Strikland cancel the fight, and then Stikland declined. I felt pity for him. I mean, he had felt his trouble was over. And at some point when he came up with a clever plan to keep Strikland in prison, just then Strikland cancelled the fight. And when his plans start to unfold, Strikland get infuriated again and changed his mind. So much for his pranks.

Are you reading this and you are seeing that a part of you or you in this light? It’s high-time you braced up and be born-again. The only way to get out of this kind of passivity is to be assertive. You need to start to be assertive. Make up your mind and put your feet to the ground. It might seem strange to people at first, but don’t worry, they’ll get used to it. And for you, it might be difficult at first, but continually being assertive will go a long way in helping you. Also, do your best not to put yourself in positions that will threaten you to compromise. Do the right things right at the right time. Do the things that you will be comfortable defending. And when things go the way you wouldn’t have wanted, be ready to speak the truth, apologize and face the consequences. A lot of the times, most of the pains and torture is in our head. And remember, that more often than not, what you are afraid of could actually be afraid of you.