Acrimony is a psychological thriller movie from the stable of the Tyler Perry Studio featuring the likes of Taraji P. Henson. This movie further proves that without a doubt, Tyler Perry is the king of storytelling and a master of his own craft. The story revolves around Melinda who stood by her teenage lover turn husband through his toughest times – a very long period of time. It, then, really became hard for her to accept the reality that when he would eventually hit it big, the woman by his side to enjoy the goodies wouldn’t be her. The movie embedded with romance, rage and of course, ACRIMONY.

The story seems to typify the very complexities of our individual lives. The human imperfection in the form of inability to see the future, or our inability to tell what is true or false in a lot of situations, or our ego and sense of entitlement. A lot of things will appear differently, depending on the eyes from which you are looking at it. Thus, the different opinions as to who was right or wrong, who should have done better and what they should have done. Regardless of the angle you see it from, one thing you cannot deny is that there are lessons to take away from the story.

1. Take care of your shit or it’s gonna take you out
A lot of us prefer to indulge our excesses, vices, and inadequacies rather than confront them. The choice is always ours, but we must realize that we cannot hide away from the consequences of our choices. If you choose to feed your beast, trust me, one day someone somehow would trigger it.

Quit thinking and hoping that everyone will be careful and proper around you. And remember, that your actions/reactions are yours and will be attributed to you, not to what someone else did to you. Confront your vices and monsters and be a better person for your future.

2. Patience is a virtue
Just at the point when he was about to hit his breakthrough, Melinda who had always believed in him and stood by him turned her back and wanted to have nothing to do with him.

A lot of quit on what we have always believed in and have invested a good portion of our lives on, just at the brink of some success. Only to realize that the rock only required a couple more hits to open up to its treasure. And more often than not, we find that someone just walks by to give it the strikes and take all the credit.
Winners never quit, quitters never win.

3. Trust is an expensive currency, don’t let it go low
Maybe it feels good to be able to make people do exactly what we want them to do. You probably feel like the smartest person in the relationship. But the moment the other person realizes that he or she is being manipulated, conned or deceived, they feel like a fool. Trust me, you haven’t won, you just lost their trust. And trust is one valuable endangered currency that once threatened, flees and almost nothing will bring it back.

The hurt of deceit, manipulation and being used, rarely heals, even when you’ve been forgiven. Your track record will always be there against you. Such that when you’re even speaking the truth and desperately need to be believed, no one wants to. You gave them reasons not to, a very long time ago. When you lose trust, you lose big.

4. It’s Okay to say no, when you feel like it
Some people are spectators in their own lives. We allow other people run over us, manipulate us and have their way “all the time”. We allow people to go and come freely into our lives and override us. We let them take the driver’s seat and hand the wheel over to them.

No! you should be in charge of your life. Because whatever happens to you, is hugely a consequence of your choices. And you know what, no one else will enjoy or suffer the consequences as much as you will. It’s you! It’s yours. You feel it’s not right, say no. Give other people the chance to sort out their own issues and not always push you around.

If you allow just any sort of thing, you will get hurt badly. And if you have a passive personality, you’ll end up being bitter, if you’ve got an agile personality, you’d end up being dangerously aggressive. Do yourself a whole lot of good and just say ‘NO’. Don’t allow yourself to be taken for a ride, you’ll feel terrible for it later.